Dutch and Company

You should eat here. The menu is small but there is something for every taste. Dress up or go causal and feel completely comfortable. It's energetic but not too loud. The food is interesting with every bite without going overboard. 

They experiment with flavor combinations that seem to work flawlessly. They keep you on your toes without making it weird. Every ingredient plays a part.

It was three of us and we all tried different things and passed them around. We got the pea soup, and the soft boiled egg appetizers along with the skirt steak, risotto, and pork brick mains followed by all three desserts. Silly good all around. They know when to go fresh and when to go fried, and how to do it right. A feat I feel is hard to find. 

My only criticism would be the chocolate dessert. I was expecting a decadent sweet chocolate finish to my meal and what I got was a tasteless unsweetened plate of disappointment. Fortunately I had two other desserts waiting to be devoured.

Just go. It's good, even for the foodies.