My wife and I made our way to Saison for our weekly date night one evening after a fairly solid snow storm. You’d think it would be empty since we needed 4 wheel drive just to get there but it wasn’t. That should tell you something.

Saison is a smaller restaurant located in the Jackson Ward district of Richmond near Hotel Quirk, Graffiato and right around the corner from Max’s on Broad. It’s a little dark but still has tons of energy and somewhat of a hipster vibe.

It’s American food. They have unique apps, a dish for every protein, and seem to be ranked every year for their expertly crafted cocktails.

This time, I got the Ribeye special with mushrooms, potatoes, a potato stack and some sort of spicy pepper oregano sauce. The steak was absurdly tender and flavorful .....AND THAT SAUCE! The whole dish was so unique, tasty, and memorable. Top that off with a perfectly portioned old fashioned and I’m ready to go back already.

My wife got the steak frites. She loved it. Perfectly cooked and flavorful. Awesome salsa verde sauce. Fries. Nothing better. She gets it every time and it always delivers. Add a glass of her favorite white wine and girl was in heaven.

Bottom line, it might be my favorite spot in Richmond. It’s under the radar. The people are great. The food is amazing but not overly refined. And the prices are reasonable.

My only drawback would be parking. You have to find street parking. But let’s be honest, I’m really searching here.

Go. You’ll love it.